Axis Network Cameras Secure Spanish Bus Riders

Axis Communications' network cameras will be installed on Madrid's 2,300 public buses. Each bus will include three network cameras and one video encoder. The network video products will be part of a security system to improve passenger's security and safety. The installation started in late 2009 and the whole installation will be finished by the end of 2010.

"During the last few years we have seen a lot of interest from customers who want to improve safety and security in their transit systems. Axis' network video products have successfully been installed in many demanding environments, including buses in Prague, trains in Sydney and Zurich and subway cars in Moscow. And in addition to this, now on Madrid buses in Spain," said Ray Mauritsson, President Axis Communications.

Axis has supplied network cameras that are robust, easy to install and compact, yet also deliver high resolution images and tampering alarms. Each bus will include three network cameras and one video encoder.

The surveillance system includes high resolution real-time recording and monitoring, and also features a panic button which is connected to The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid's (EMT) central alarm station. Each bus also includes GPS so it is easy to locate the bus quickly.

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