Wavion Wireless Surveillance Deployed for Brazil's Annual Carnaval

Wavion, a company transforming the metro and rural Wi-Fi market with a new category of Wi-Fi base station; American Explorer, a large system integrator in Brazil; and COGEL, Companhia Governan?a Electronica do Salvador; announced the deployment of Wavion's Wi-Fi base stations for a city-wide video surveillance and Internet access network in the city of Salvador, Brazil.

The network had been deployed as part of the city preparation for the popular annual Carnaval, know as the largest popular party of the world. The network infrastructure was based on Wavion's base stations, working in the 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz, which were installed on poles along the streets. The 5.8 GHz network video cameras and kiosks are located along the routes of the Carnaval. The video cameras were used for monitoring the public safety and allowing remote web viewing. The kiosks allow the municipality people, such as health and police forces, to access their secure corporate network. The 2.4 GHz network provided free Internet access and enabled the general public and the press to share their experience and pictures all over the world. The backhaul was provided by an optical ring via the National Research Network.

"This project has been a major success for the city of Salvador," said Nailton Lantyer Filho, COGEL CEO. "For the first time, people from all over the world could watch the Carnaval in real time from the Web. Furthermore, it allowed municipal workers, the press covering the Carnaval and the general public to access the internet and use it for their work and pleasure applications. Encouraged by the success of the network, we plan to expand it to cover the entire Salvador city as part of the Digital City project."

Wavion's unique spatially adaptive beamforming base stations provide extended range, higher throughput and much better NLOS coverage. As a result, unlike more conventional equipment, it does not require costly high towers and can be easily installed on poles and still provide very good coverage and penetration. Moreover, their flexible architecture and ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure add to their unique value offering to telecom operators.

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