Precise Biometrics Awarded $0.6 Million Government Contract in Middle East

Precise Biometrics won an order for hardware worth US$0.6 million in a Match-on-Card project for government employees. The order is an additional follow-up order from an existing customer in the Middle East.

The delivery consists of Precise readers, combined fingerprint and smart card readers that will be used in a current government ID card project together with the Precise Match-on-Card technology. The government customer will use the fingerprint readers in further extending their ID card program.

Precise Match-on-Card is the process of storing and matching fingerprint information on a smart card to establish the physical presence of an individual. As the fingerprint information does not leave the card, there is no need for a database and the cardholder's integrity is preserved.

The government is an existing customer of Precise Biometrics since 2004, when the company delivered the first volume order of fingerprint readers. Since then, Precise Biometrics has supplied fingerprint readers on a regular basis.

The solution is provided together with two partners, a global system integrator and a local solution provider. The fingerprint readers from Precise Biometrics will be delivered during 2010.

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