Reveal Imaging Technologies Awarded $5.3 Million Contract by IAA

Reveal Imaging Technologies, a developer of threat detection solutions, has signed a US$5.3 million contract with Israel Airports Authority (IAA) for Reveal Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) to be installed at various airport locations. The contract includes options to purchase additional systems that will increase the final value of the order, if exercised.

Israeli airports are renowned as some of the most secure airports in the world, where every passenger passes through a thorough yet customer focused security check. This approach is achieved by carefully combining highly skilled security personnel, clear and consistent procedures and advanced technologies.

The Reveal systems utilize the company's breakthrough, dual-energy CT technology which significantly reduced the size, cost and weight of certified EDS systems. The small physical size of Reveal's system platform allows it to easily fit into existing facilities, eliminating the need for expensive reconstruction while minimizing installation costs.
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