C3 Detects South African Rail Threats with Smart Thermal Cameras

C3 Shared Services has been appointed by Bombardier to supply and install a combination of two military grade technologies, Opgal thermal cameras combined with ioimage intelligent video analytics, to monitor the tracks and tunnels of the Gautrain rail.

Due to the emphasis on a high level of security along the Gautrain rail and in the tunnels, the main criteria was to select a combination of technologies that shall provide detection of human targets even in no light conditions. Opgal's thermal cameras combined with ioimage intelligent video analytics were selected for their high probability of detection and low false alarm rate. This decision was not taken lightly and was only decided upon once rigorous and extensive testing had been conducted between different brands of thermal cameras and video analytics. The test results were then sent to France for final scrutiny, which was based on the performance of the technologies to comply or excel the high criteria of user requirements set by Bombardier as part of their security methodology.

C3, specializing in the design and implementation of high-end perimeter security solutions and military grade intrusion detection systems, was appointed as the preferred vendor. Nick Grange, Technical Director of C3, said, "We are honored to be appointed to supply and commission our solution for such a prestigious and important project. Once again it is proved that the higher sensitivity of the detector and resolution combined with a faster frame rate. Our cameras also had the leading edge over the competition because of the wide range of lens selection available which was necessary due to the nature and layout of the Gautrain track."

To date, C3 has succeeded with numerous installations of thermal cameras combined with high performance video analytics at various sites in South Africa including residential estates, refineries, correctional facilities and National Keypoint's. "It is of importance, that when implementing this type of technology, a high level of expertise and experience is required. C3 has been implementing this particular security solution at numerous high risk and high value sites throughout Southern Africa with great success and we look forward to providing the Gautrain Project with the same level of commitment and expertise," said Brendon Cowley, Business Development Director of C3.
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