L-1 Awarded $6.5 Million Fingerprint Contract for Connecticut Agency

L-1 Identity Solutions, a provider of identity solutions and services, enhanced the security of health and welfare programs administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) by providing a new automated biometric identification system (ABIS) solution for faster and more accurate capture and matching that decreases identity-related fraud. L-1 also produced a more durable benefit card that extends the life of the credential. The six-year contract from the Connecticut Department of Social Services is valued at US$6.5 million. The contract was awarded in Q4 2009 and the solution will be deployed in 2010.

Connecticut is one of the only states in the nation to use electronic fingerprint matching and manual photo comparisons to ensure that newly enrolled applicants are not already receiving benefits through another alias, decreasing fraud and taxpayer cost in maintaining various heath and welfare programs offered by the state.

As part of the contract, the state will add L-1's ABIS software as an upgrade from the existing DSS automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). The L-1 ABIS system will be used to perform faster and more accurate fingerprint matching for new applicants against those already enrolled in the system. A high coercivity magnetic strip will be incorporated into all new or replacement cards issued by L-1 for electronic benefits transfer (EBT) and healthcare credentials. The strip will better protect the magnetic encoding on the card from erasing, a common cause for replacement. L-1 also is upgrading computer hardware, electronic signature pads and image capture equipment used as part of the state's enrollment and card issuance process.

EBT is a system which makes the issuance of state public assistance benefits faster and easier through electronic transactions. Through the use of an EBT card produced by L-1, clients can access cash benefits through ATMs and food and cash benefits at the PoS terminals of retailers authorized by USDA to accept food stamp benefits. L-1 also produces cards for state-supported Husky A, Husky B and Charter Oak health care programs.
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