Videotec Joins PSIA

Videotec joined PSIA in 2009 and during the last months has actively worked to gain a thorough knowledge of the protocol. Now this common language has been successfully integrated within Videotec ALBERT unit for video analytics. A prototype will be shown recently.

The system can remotely control the PTZ telemetry through the PSIA protocol. ALBERT also helps operators to monitor a certain area. It is based on the smart cooperation between units and an advanced outdoor-oriented event detection, on the ease of configuration and use.

Standards for networked security devices will increase market opportunities for IP-enabled solutions as products can be easily integrated with others, regardless of brand. These standards will enable manufacturers to highlight a product's features and benefits regardless of costs.

"If the systems speak a common language, new products development and integration will be smoother," said Ottavio Campana, Videotec R&D Albert Group. "At the same time, end users will be able to access a broader range of compatible products, which will guarantee their video security system operates longer than before."
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