3VR Security Video Platform Prevents Account Fraud for US Bank

3VR Security , announced Union Savings Bank has integrated the group's technology with the Cleartouch bank platform from Fiserv.

The integration allows Union Savings to connect data from teller operations directly with the 3VR video surveillance platform to protect their organization and account holders from fraud. The combined solution enables the bank to tag and thereby pinpoint video footage for individual transactions or accounts.

"We can now locate video footage of individual transactions, do cross searches and search video by account or transaction type," said Bill McNamara, Senior VP of Technology and Security, Union Savings Bank. "The integration of 3VR with our Cleartouch teller system enables us to surface the face of a perpetrator when we know a fraudulent transaction has taken place, which really expedites the identification and prosecution of the criminal."

Cleartouch from Fiserv enables financial institutions to record and save data from every teller transaction. With the integration of 3VR's intelligent and searchable surveillance platform, security personnel can use 3VR's search capabilities to search the video based on transaction number, type or timestamp, among other vectors, to instantly obtain a video history of the account or transaction, streamlining the crime prevention process and making it easier and faster to identify fraud.

Once footage of a suspected fraudulent transaction is located, 3VR's analytics, including facial recognition, enable analysis of all captured footage to determine whether there are additional incidents related to other accounts or locations.

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