AVerMedia Network Solutions Make up Safer Life

AVerMedia Network Solutions Make up Safer Life

With the headlines constantly talking about security issues, residential security has been a priority for homeowners. Families are turning to video surveillance for more protections for their real estate. However, most current surveillance systems are expensive with installations that take time, drilling that are potentially disturbing the residents. Some blurry and unclear images on the outdated system couldn't provide high-quality images for detail exploration.

AVerMedia provides solutions to home security. AVerDiGi Wi-Fi offers crystal clear, live-stream surveillance image qualities for individual use. The Wi-Fi NVR requires no modification that might damage furniture, walls, and costly cable layout. Appling power to the NVR and network cameras, users just press the WPS button to connect two devices, which makes itself the best choice for home and small business.

Swedish-based fashion store established by Arnold Scaasi, an acclaimed fashion designer who is prestigious for designing gowns, has been bothered by the thefts.

Scaasi turned to AVerMedia's wireless NVR for the solution. The ease-of- installation of the technology has been a perfect fit for a relatively smaller perimeter of space with no need of NVR installation knowledge because it comes with plug-and-play, Linux platform with intelligent GUI.

With AVerDiGi CMS, the system could control up to 1,000 DVRs and cameras with remote PTZ, receive/respond/manage all alarms and trouble-shoot DVRs remotely.

If users concern about the weak signal caused by poor environments, AVerDiGi wireless antenna with extension cable and a point-to-point directional antenna will provide better signals to fulfill the demand of long-distance wireless transmission and reception. Both of the enhancers have great compatibility with AVerDiGi WiFi DVR/NVR that will be the best choice to reduce interference from unwanted resources.

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