Biometric Vendor AOptix Partners with Software Provider Daon

AOptix Technologies, (AOptix), a developer of iris biometrics products and long-distance wireless optical communications solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with Daon , a provider of identity assurance software products, to participate in the DaonAdvantage Program. As part of this partnership, AOptix iris recognition system has been tested, certified and integrated into Daon's identity assurance platform.

Operating at a stand-off distance of two meters, the AOptix system offers unprecedented subject usability, enabling fast and high accuracy biometric authentication for a variety of applications. Employing an open, Web services-based integration tool kit and industry standard iris biometric images, the solution was integrated into Daon's standards-based software architecture.

"Having AOptix as a partner under the Daon Program, we provide customers with a further option for iris recognition. Integration into market-leading DaonEngine will provide customers and system integrators with yet another forward migration option, ensuring their programs can leverage the best industry can offer on a continuous basis," said Conor White, CTO of Daon. "Assurance of interoperability between iris images captured on a variety of devices is critical to use of iris recognition in a full range of government and commercial applications."

As part of the partnership, AOptix has installed its InSight system at the Daon Demo Center in Reston, Virginia, as a part of a fully integrated iris interoperability demonstration created by Daon. Users enroll their iris images on a traditional short range iris system; an identification application then controls the InSight to capture iris images for authentication and performs the matching function within DaonEngine.

"The image quality provided by the InSight combined with its advanced human factors and high speed make it an ideal choice for capture and matching of iris images in demanding high security and high throughput applications," said Kevin Keipper, Director of Government Sales for AOptix. "Potential government and commercial customers can be confident that their use of iris recognition technology will not be impeded by proprietary technologies or incompatibilities when selecting AOptix and Daon as part of their solution."

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