Optelecom-NKF Streamlines South Carolina Traffic with Fiber Solutions

Optelecom-NKF, a supplier of video surveillance equipment and the manufacturer of Siqura surveillance solutions, won a US$503,000 traffic management equipment contract from Temple, a regional systems distributor based in Decatur, Alabama, U.S.

Under the contract, Optelecom-NKF will supply Temple with fiber components to support the expansion of South Carolina Department of Transportation's (SCDOT) Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to remote areas of the state.

Temple has been an Optelecom-NKF ITS distribution partner for more than seven years. During that time, Optelecom-NKF has provided numerous fiber solutions to Temple for the SCDOT's comprehensive ITS network build-out.

South Carolina's extensive traffic management system is expanding to cover rural areas. The system's network of traffic cameras, automated recorders and sophisticated sensors provide real-time information on rapidly changing traffic volumes and speeds, real-time weather data, and evacuation route information in the event of a hurricane.

The system also utilizes variable message sign (VMS) technology and links to an array of media, such as the internet and radio broadcasts, to keep the public on road congestion and travel conditions. The information collected by the system is transmitted to a central traffic control room in Columbia, South Carolina, where operators monitor and react to situations by adjusting VMS alerts and notifying first responders and authorities, as necessary.

"I'm pleased that Temple, and the SCDOT continue to turn to Optelecom-NKF for solutions that help improve public safety and manage South Carolina's outlying highways and roads network," said Dave Patterson, Optelecom-NKF's President and CEO. "This contract underscores the strong position we've established in the ITS market and highlights the flexibility and reliability of our products in a wide range of applications."

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