VeriFinger Provides Fingerprint Verification for Poland's Biometric Passport

VeriFinger is now used in all Polish passport offices for biometric passport application, generation and issuance processes

, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, announced VeriFinger was selected to be the fingerprint verification engine for Poland's new biometric passport system. Now implemented in more than 130 passport offices throughout the country, VeriFinger provides reliable 1:1 fingerprint verification at each stage of the passport application, generation and issuance process. Passport producer Polish Security Printing Works (Polska Wytwornia Papierow Wartosciowych S.A. or PWPW) selected the VeriFinger SDK for its combination of high accuracy, fast matching and the flexibility to work with a wide variety of programming languages and software platforms. Competitive pricing and flexible licensing options from Neurotechnology enabled PWPW to quickly obtain, develop and implement the VeriFinger technology in the new biometric passport system.

“Poland's biometric passport verification is a very important and practical use for our VeriFinger technology,” said Algimantas Malickas, CEO of Neurotechnology. “We are pleased that Polish Security Printing Works explored the advantages provided by VeriFinger and decided to implement it for this project.”

All new biometric passports issued by the Polish government are equipped with a contactless microprocessor chip that stores the passport holder's biometric fingerprint information. VeriFinger is used in two stages of the passport issuance process:

: When an applicant provides a fingerprint image, VeriFinger is used to provide a quality score that determines if the image quality is high enough for use in the biometric passport chip.

Final Verification and Issuance: When the applicant comes in to receive his or her passport, the applicant enrolls the same set of fingerprints and VeriFinger is used to compare the new fingerprint images with those contained in the passport chip. If the match is verified, the new biometric passport is issued to the applicant.
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