Fujitsu Palm Authentication Checks on US Patients

Fujitsu Frontech North America, a supplier of innovative computer products including peripherals and biometric security solutions, announced that Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, New Jersey implemented the its palm vein authentication technology for patient registration and identification. The Fujitsu biometric solution integrates into Holy Name's new palm first registration system to bolster security of medical records and enhance the overall patient experience. The technology helps the hospital prevent medical identify theft and comply with the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) while ensuring that patients receive care more efficiently.

"Holy Name is committed to providing the fastest and most reliable services to patients and their families, and we pride ourselves on consistently being the first hospital in the area to offer the latest technologies and procedures to ensure that our patients continue to receive the best care possible," said Barbara Franzese Cron, Manager of Marketing Communications at Holy Name Hospital. "By implementing the palm vein authentication technology, Palm First provides definitive, accurate patient identification to protect patient privacy and make sure that our patients receive the right tests, medications and procedures every time."

The solution uses an IR light to capture a patient's palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric template that is matched against preregistered users' palm vein patterns. It is a contactless authentication technology that offers a hygienic solution for verifying patient identity. This advanced, vascular pattern recognition solution is highly reliable; its false acceptance ratio is 0.00008 percent.

As part of Holy Name Hospital's palm registration system, the solution will protect patient identity and medical information, prevent impersonation and eliminate misidentification related to human error. It also eliminates duplicate medical records resulting from having patients registered under more than one name or address during multiple visits, and it allows for positive identification in an emergency.

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