UK Jeweler Benefits from 360-Degree Mobotix Video

Mobotix, a manufacturer of digital high-resolution, network-based video security systems, announced its surveillance solution helped to protect Timothy Roe Fine Jewellery, a specialist in handcrafted jewelry.

The family-run business is one of the most respected in the region and famous for its computer-aided design and rapid prototyping capability to produce unique one-off pieces. Its three-story premises in Chichester have retail space, workshops and a foundry. The building's security system uses multiple alarm systems, smoke cloak, surveillance, active and passive sensors.

However, the firm's old analog surveillance system offered poor quality and limited functionality, "We wanted something discreet that could offer better quality and allow us to view the premises from another location," explained Timothy Roe, Founder and MD. Remote viewing is useful when Roe or a member of staff is required to attend the premises in the event of a false alarm triggering. The risk is that somebody could be waiting on or near the site to intercept him.

After consulting David Cawkell, a family friend and a Director of SeSys who provide solutions in the surveillance business, Roe was encouraged to examine a Mobotix solution. "We had a demonstration and the quality blew us away, especially as we could cover an entire double shop front area with just two hemispheric cameras," Roe said.

The installation of several Mobotix hemispheric cameras took a day including the integrated MxControl Centre software. Along with enhanced quality, the Mobotix technology provided Roe with a host of useful features.

One of the most useful is the ability to remotely connect to any Mobotix cameras on the site through a broadband connection and receive a remote video and audio feed, "Now if we have an alarm trigger, we can remotely check the premises and the surrounding area prior to arrival," Roe said. The system also allows him to remotely skip back through any incidents to potentially ascertain the cause of alarm trigger or to see if anybody has concealed themselves within the premises before he arrives.

The 3-megapixel Mobotix cameras use no moving parts and feature a unique hemispheric lens to cover a wider area than traditional fixed cameras with technology to digitally flatten and pan-tilt-zoom on any image. With network convergence in mind, the Mobotix cameras can run over PoE with internal storage buffer to provide localized recording in the event of network outage. They deliver better quality of service, especially across wireless or low-bandwidth networks.

Another feature is the built-in audio which has proved useful in clarifying customer requests, especially during busy periods. The ability to quickly pan and zoom inside recorded footage has helped Roe find misplaced items inside his busy workshop area.

"The Mobotix cameras are really useful and we will be upgrading cameras in other parts of the business to these units as they give us much more functionality than our old analog systems," Roe said. "We are firmly believed in the adage that ‘you can't have too much security' and our new surveillance systems also gives us so much more."

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