March Networks Provides Robust Video Platform for US Retailer

March Networks, a provider for intelligent IP video solutions, announced that a large retail customer based in the U.S. has selected its managed video network services to ensure the optimal performance of more than 27,000 IP video systems currently operating in its stores nationwide. The annual contract is valued at approximately US$1 million.

The services enable the retail organization to outsource the ongoing health monitoring and maintenance of its extensive digital video solution to skilled professionals at the company's Network Operations Center (NOC). As part of March Networks' VideoSphere portfolio, the services ensure that the retailer realizes all the benefits of its advanced security and loss prevention applications without impacting internal resources.

Using powerful system management tools, NOC staff will remotely monitor the health of the retailer's entire surveillance network, including hybrid NVRs, disk drives and network connectivity. They will track system metrics and proactively diagnose and address potential issues before they affect performance.

March Networks' managed services offering optimizes surveillance uptime and helps ensure video evidence is always available when needed. It includes a range of service options, from the health monitoring of networked cameras, recorders and other components to system audits and training, to best meet specific customer requirements. It also incorporates ongoing software maintenance and scheduled updates, which provide customers with the latest functionality available in the company's portfolio.

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