Fujitsu RFID Technology Streamlines Laundry Practice for Canadian Hotel

Fujitsu Frontech North America , a supplier of innovative computer products including peripherals, biometric security solutions and digital media solutions, announced that the luxurious new Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, Canada has adopted the Fujitsu RFID tags to more accurately manage its inventory of 10,000 employee uniforms and 25,000 bathrobes, towels, tablecloths, sheets and other linens. The advanced tracking system enables the Fairmont Pacific Rim staff to quickly and accurately monitor its outgoing and incoming laundry while significantly reducing the costs of replacing missing items and the operational costs associated with a manual tracking process.

"When dealing with an external commercial laundry facility, previous experience in the hotel industry has taught us that inevitably, items go missing. Often these items are never recovered, forcing the hotel to purchase replacements. What's more is manual tracking processes are time-consuming and inaccurate," said Randy Zupanski, GM of the 377-room Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel. "One of our hotel's points of difference is the technology we offer, and the Fujitsu RFID tags extend this to include housekeeping, our largest department and one that is often overlooked. We anticipate that the RFID will provide unmatched accuracy and efficiency, plus a significant ROI by reducing costs."

The soft and flexible Fujitsu RFID tags are durable, able to withstand hundreds of washings, the harsh chemicals associated with dry cleaning, temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for drying and 400 degrees Fahrenheit for ironing, along with the pressure of uniform-pressing machines. The RFID systems are capable of scanning hundreds of articles simultaneously in seconds with a reading range of up to six feet. The tags represent a cost-saving solution compared to bar codes and other RFID systems, which require single garment processing. In addition, the tag is less than two inches long — about the size of a shirt stay. When sewn or heat-sealed into garments, the small, flexible, unobtrusive tags are virtually unnoticeable.

"The new UHF RFID tags exemplify the Fujitsu methodology of applying its cutting-edge technologies to develop breakthrough solutions that address real-world needs. In this case, there is increasing demand for cost-effective garment inventory management systems that are technically advanced," said Vic Herring, VP of Sales and Business Development, Advanced Technology Group, Fujitsu Frontech North America. "Working with Foundation Logic Systems, we integrated the RFID solution that meets industry demands by lowering costs associated with managing more than 35,000 uniforms and linens in a single hotel."

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