Voxeo Partners with Four Key Voice Biometrics Providers

Voxeo , a provider of Unlocked Communications, announced partnerships with four voice biometrics providers: CSIdentity, PerSay, TradeHarbor and Vocalect . Existing and prospective Voxeo customers can now easily try, test and deploy voice biometrics as part of existing or new applications on Voxeo's network.

Voice authentication makes it possible for companies to provide the security of voice biometrics to verify and protect customer transactions. A person's voice is as unique as a fingerprint. Enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, health care and insurance providers, telecommunications and service providers all look to enable voice biometrics to take advantage of the added security at a time of increasing identity theft and fraud. Customers appreciate the ease of use, avoiding long or difficult-to-remember PINs or easily penetrated security questions.

"A growing number of IT and customer care professionals have indicated that voice authentication implementations are on their road map for 2010," said Dan Miller, Senior Analyst at Opus Research. "An 'on-demand' approach provides the combination of flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness that the marketplace requires during this phase of development and deployment."

Voxeo enables companies of all sizes to develop and deploy IVR and VoIP systems, and with today's announcement offers verification and other voice biometric solutions for every industry, geography, and scenario. Voxeo and its voice biometrics partners have facilitated an easy-to-use trial process through Voxeo's Prophecy Hosting and Prophecy On-Premise platforms.

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