Gunnebo Steps into China and Invests Further in India, Indonesia and the Middle East

Gunnebo Security Group announced at its Capital Market Day in Stockholm that it will establish a company in China in 2010. Meanwhile the group is investing further in its existing sales companies in India, Indonesia and the Middle East.

The investments are part of the "Get It Right" action program and aim to increase the group's presence on these important growing markets.

"Gunnebo already does business in China, both purchasing and sales," said Per Borgvall, President and CEO at Gunnebo. "Having our own company on site enables us to bring together all our activities under the Gunnebo brand and further develop the business, and, at the same time, establish a platform for manufacturing. China is a very interesting market for us, and our product range in banking and entrance security is very much of the moment," continued Borgvall.

Gunnebo's Chinese operation will initially be based in Shanghai and focus on purchasing, manufacturing and sales. "The purchasing and manufacturing functions will work for the entire group and then help strengthen Gunnebo's global competitiveness," said Borgvall.

"We already have customer centers in India, Indonesia and the Middle East (Dubai), but we see potential for increasing our market presence and sales on these markets. Within the framework of the strategic overhaul in progress within the group, we will be investing further in these markets," Borgvall concluded.

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