Infinova Eases Video Traffic Flows for Australian Bridge

Infinova announced the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia is using Infinova's fiber optics solutions to link cameras on the bridge to the City of Melbourne video depot. This bridge is the third longest in Australia with a total length of 2582 meters (8,473 feet).

"This bridge is just one of many major infrastructure projects which have turned to Infinova fiber optics for more efficient, quality transmissions of images," said Mark Wilson, Infinova VP of Marketing. "Since high-performance surveillance systems require greater reliability and increased throughput, the leaps forward in surveillance system technology have increased the demand for Infinova fiber optics."

To assure duty officers can maintain smooth flowing traffic and react immediately to a crisis on the bridge, an Infinova fiber optics transmitter is mounted on the West Gate bridge. The device transmits one digitally encoded video channel with bidirectional contact closure and DIP selectable data over one or two fibers. It receives video from the PTZ dome camera on the bridge and then transmits the video to the West Gate Bridge Depot via fiber. Another series transmitter collects the video at the depot. The fiber optics units can be rack-mounted or used as stand-alone modules, placed on a desktop or mounted to a wall.

Meanwhile, all videos received from the bridge are distributed to an Infinova transmitter for transmission over a single fiber to Melbourne City for remote monitoring. At the same time, the transmitter sends PTZ control data to the dome cameras via fiber. As a result, duty officers that are kilometers away can view and control the PTZ control function of the cameras on the bridge.

The fiber transmitter is a digitally encoded, highly expandable and flexible fiber optics transmission system. Data formats support RS-232, RS-422, 2-wire/4-wire RS-485, Manchester/Biphase and contact closures. Using CWDM technology, they transmit up to 64 channels NTSC, PAL or SECAM video; 32 channels audio; 32 channels data; 32 channels contact closure signal or eight channels intercom.

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