Vitamin D Turns Inexpensive Webcams into Intelligent Edge Devices

Vitamin D Turns Inexpensive Webcams into Intelligent Edge Devices

Vitamin D Video is a commercial application based on intelligent computing modeled after the human brain.

Vitamin D released a beta software application that turns any inexpensive webcam or network camera into a video monitoring system for home and business security. The simple Vitamin D Video software, available at no cost during its testing period, improves on enterprise-level object recognition found in video monitoring systems that cost thousands of dollars and require expert calibration. Vitamin D Video takes minutes to set up, and enables anyone to turn massive amounts of video into a highlight reel of important events.

Vitamin D Video is a commercial application built with intelligent computing technology from Numenta, called Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). Modeled after the human brain, HTM gives application developers the ability to find patterns in massive amounts of information — such as hours or days worth of video — in ways that traditional computing cannot.

Running on a PC or Mac, Vitamin D Video can distinguish between humans and other objects in live video streams. A simple rule builder allows people to filter for where objects are and how they move. For example, users can request the software to show every instance of people entering a particular door. The search results are organized into a daily highlight reel where hours of videos can be scanned in seconds. People can choose to be alerted about certain events.

"Today we're giving the rest of the world a simple way to add sophisticated monitoring to their home, business or institution," said Celeste Baranski, CEO of Vitamin D. "Everyone deserves to have peace of mind without having to pay an arm and a leg for it."

"Vitamin D Video is a compelling first step in making real the promise of intelligent computing," said Jeff Hawkins, Co-Founder of Numenta. "Vitamin D's
clever user interface combined with Numenta's HTM technology enables anybody to do sophisticated security monitoring without the cost of expert technicians and expensive equipment."

Meeting Market Needs
An study found the top three problems for video analytics are false alerts, system maintenance and cost. Vitamin D meets these challenges by combining elegant interface design with HTM technology. Unlike other object recognition systems, Vitamin D Video is trained with thousands of samples, enabling it to identify an object regardless of noise, lighting, occlusion and distortion.

The solution lets people see what happens when they're not around. For a grower of prized pumpkins, Vitamin D Video returned 90 percent fewer false intruder alerts than a more expensive solution. At a hair salon franchise, it counted seated customers, helping the owner track actual versus reported revenue across multiple locations.

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