Latvian Natural History Museum Secures Collections with IQinVision

IQinVision , a provider of high-performance HD megapixel network cameras, smart network cameras, and network video recording systems, announced the Natural History Museum in Riga, Latvia, has deployed 43 IQeye HD megapixel cameras to increase protection for its extensive collections. The museum is one of the oldest in Latvia.

The majority of the IQeye cameras are deployed in the public areas of the museum including exhibition halls and corridors with the primary purpose of protecting more than 180,000 exhibits at the museum. A number of cameras are also installed outdoors monitoring entrances and the first floor windows. The IQeye video data is managed by several recorders from artec technologies. All camera data is monitored by security staff real-time in a newly-constructed command center. The upgraded IP surveillance system has resulted in increased security and at the same time has enabled the museum to reduce the number of security staff needed.

The combined IQinVision solution was chosen against considerable competition. The contract was won in cooperation with a group that includes the MULTIEYE system distributor SLO Latvia; the IQeye distributor Advanced Electronic Systems; and Citrus Solutions, the main project contractor.

Museum staff have been impressed with the high-quality images provided by the IQeye cameras and there are plans to increase the number of cameras, along with additional system improvements in the near future.

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