Avigilon Surveillance System Provides Safe Learning Environment to New York Schools

Avigilon, a provider for HD and megapixel video surveillance systems, announced that Long Branch Public Schools in New Jersey has deployed the Avigilon HD surveillance system to deliver superior image clarity and coverage for greater investigative success while maintaining a positive, open educational environment.

"The primary goal for the new surveillance system is for it to deliver exceptional image detail, including facial and LPR, to lead to more successful investigations and quicker conflict resolution," said Joseph Ferraina, Superintendent at Long Branch Public Schools.

Requiring fewer cameras to achieve complete coverage, the Avigilon HD surveillance system heightens security without impacting the learning environment at the schools. "After reviewing solutions from five vendors, it quickly became clear that Avigilon is the best solution on the market today," Ferraina said.

The superintendent, school administrators and IT team at Long Branch Public Schools manage the Avigilon HD surveillance system using Avigilon control center network VMS with HD stream management and installed Avigilon HD cameras ranging from five to 16 megapixels at five schools. The Avigilon 16-megapixel cameras have been installed on the exterior of the buildings to monitor the parking lots and the high school's football field, while the remaining Avigilon HD cameras were installed throughout the interior of the schools.

Long Branch Public Schools also installed 10 Avigilon HD network video recorders (NVR) to store up to two months of continuous surveillance video. Long Branch Public Schools plans to install the Avigilon HD surveillance system at its remaining schools within the next year to further boost student safety across the board.

The Avigilon HD surveillance system enables administrators to capture facial and LPR with fewer cameras than if they had deployed an analog-based system. With fewer cameras required, the school board saved at least 10 percent in up front installation costs. The accurate motion detection capabilities also help reduce the cost of storage, because the system only stores video that contains real movement. Simple management tools and smart playback capabilities mean that users spend less time managing the system and can achieve greater investigative success.

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