Axway Forms Global Identity Security Initiative for Identity Management

Axway, a business interaction networks company, created a strategic global initiative to address identity security and public key infrastructure (PKI) requirements of governments and enterprises. This initiative has been created in response to the building momentum for identity management initiatives throughout the world.

Through this initiative, Axway will partner with complementary solutions providers including Thales/nCipher, Entrust (/ and Quantum Secure to address increasing global data security and access control requirements. The companies will deeper integrate and deliver components that include hardware security modules, certificate authority, authentication, validation, device and credential management, physical and logical access integration and security consulting.

Identity management's rapid growth is driven by the need to manage complex identity validation and security needs in sectors like defense, health care, finance and human services. Presently, technologies the initiative supports – like ID cards with embedded chips, mobile devices and biometrics – are used increasingly to minimize fraud, identity theft and data loss.

The non-exclusive initiative will be promoted to customers, common technology alliances, leading system integrators and security resellers globally. Over time, other like-minded solution vendors will join this ecosystem to drive integrated solutions and best practices for security initiatives within multiple delivery mechanisms, such as cloud computing. Initiative members will take these integration efforts, coupled with best practices from the joint deployments across all sectors, to provide new delivery options.

Axway will contribute both its proven leadership in Business Interaction Networks and policy-based IT governance along with its Validation Authority (VA) suite technology. Axway's VA technology is uniquely positioned to provide validation and authorization solutions based on both Online Certificate Status Protocol and Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol.

"We often create this type of initiative with other vendors to deliver complete solutions for specific projects, so formalizing this is the next logical step," said Alan Taylor, Director for Alliances, Axway. "This global security initiative marks an important step forward in addressing government challenges worldwide for security, credential and identity management. This initiative protects citizens and enterprises' critical data across all sectors, and provides a powerful business continuity and authorization framework."

These integrated solutions will ensure compliance with government mandates for physical and logical access, e-authentication and personal identity validation credentials.

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