Celerant and DigitalPersona Partnership Streamlines Store Workflow with Biometrics

Celerant Technology, a supplier in the retail software industry, integrated the use of biometric fingerprint readers into its complete PoS software, and partnered with DigitalPersona to provide the cost-effective devices.

"At Celerant we are implementing new technology to enable our clients to more efficiently manage their retail operations and increase productivity," stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. "The integration of biometric log-in and punch clock into the Celerant PoS allows store managers to track workflow, eliminate time theft and reduce fraudulent transactions, ultimately increasing ROI and boosting productivity."

The biometric fingerprint readers supply a cost-effective approach for addressing payroll theft and PoS shrink. They aid in reducing time and attendance fraud, promoting adherence to corporate policies for voids and overrides, and simplifying compliance to company regulations.

"Six months ago, we implemented our biometric fingerprint reader at every register in all of our stores and it has proven to be a phenomenal tool," said Steve Patten, Director of IT for The Alpine Shop. "It has given us more control over employee activity and enables us to audit trail every sale by sales person. The fingerprint reader has been a real timesaver at the register and works very well with Celerant. It works to tie our employees to each sale, ensuring that every discount, return, and gift card transaction is accounted for. In the future we also plan to use it beyond the PoS to track staff schedules as well."

The DigitalPersona biometric fingerprint reader aids in creating a work environment that emphasizes accountability and productivity. Its integration into Celerant Command Retail acts as a way for retailers to have a detailed perspective of their businesses, allowing them to run their operations securely and efficiently.

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