Fingerprint ID Solution Streamlines Clinic's Workflow

Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO), one of the largest orthopedic practices in the U.S., selected Indigo Identityware's physician office, Indigo MD, product as their enterprise solution for secure identity management and single sign-on (SSO).

TCO, like all health care providers, needed a solution that sped up its workflow, allowing health practitioners to focus on patients and mitigate an innumerable number of passwords for access to their patients' information. Indigo MD is intuitive software that works the way physicians and their staff want to work. At the touch of a finger, it opens applications and permits physicians to sign charts and authorize prescriptions electronically. Indigo MD saves time and money and allows providers' focus to be on patient care.

Prior to TCO's implementation of Indigo MD, each doctor and nurse had to type in a user name and password for every application they accessed during a patient visit, including the patient's electronic medical record and/or other programs such as imaging and laboratory results. Now, with the use of a biometric device and Indigo's Identityware, the staff at TCO no longer needs to remember cumbersome user names and passwords. They simply touch their finger on the biometric reader to open their applications.

"This product met both our security and workflow needs," said Owen Neill, an orthopedic surgeon with TCO. "It works the way I want it to work, meets HIPAA regulations and speeds up my workflow so I have more time to focus on my patients. I am able to see more patients per day when I'm in-clinic because of the time it has saved."

"We are so excited to have Indigo's solution," said Mike Stanfield, IT Director for TCO. "Our IT help desk calls have been cut down dramatically from our staff forgetting their passwords. Also, it was really easy to deploy with little to no training needed. We were able to install and configure the next three clinics ourselves after the initial deployment, and it only took a few days."

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