Axis Network Cameras Ensure Safe Travels for Prague Bus Riders

Axis Communications' network cameras will be installed in buses for municipal transport in Prague. The 3,500 network cameras will be part of a system for monitoring each vehicle's interior, improving passenger security and providing evidence to help solve incidents of vandalism and other crimes. The installation started in November 2009 and the whole installation will be finished in 2014.

Axis network cameras will be installed on 620 buses for municipal transport in Prague. The new buses will have a modern design and meet strict environmental criteria.

The Axis network camera is a palm-sized, discreet, rugged network camera specifically for the tough environments found in mass transit vehicles. Its durable transparent cover provides excellent protection against dust, humidity and vibrations. The small built-in heater eliminates condensation on the lens or cover. The cameras are designed for easy installation and can withstand the tough and changing conditions in buses.

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