Vidient Analytics Facilitate Passenger Movements at UK Airports

Vidient Systems, a supplier for intelligent video, announced that a major UK airport has completed the deployment of MFlow - an automated exit lane security system using Vidient's video analytics suite, while a second UK airport, Newcastle International Airport, has just purchased another such system.

The system is a major component of the MFlow Exit Lanes solution developed by Human Recognition Systems (HRS), a biometric and identity management consultancy and system integrator from the UK.

The MFlow Exit Lane solution, using the security system, has been proven in UK airports after successfully meeting rigorous testing against the UK Department for Transport (DfT) security regulations. The solution automatically identifies people attempting to enter through the exit lane and, upon detection, immediately activates an escalating series of alerts to allow an operator to respond to the emerging threats appropriately. The passengers are initially alerted via audio message, and if the behavior continues, maximum alert will activate doors to close.

Currently in operation in several terminals at the latest airport deployment, the automated system improves security protection with continuous real-time monitoring and alerting, ensuring the smooth flow of passengers, and removing the reliance on manual security checks.

Analytics automatically identify exit lane breach attempts through real-time analysis of surveillance video. The software accurately detects violations even at times of high exit traffic flow and when the intruder is barely visible. As well as monitoring the flow of passengers, the system detects people standing near the exit lane. In the case of a suspicious event, both human and automated actions, such as spoken audio warnings to turn back, are initiated to respond and contain the situation. By combining video analytics technology with real-time control of security doors which shut if an intruder goes too far in the wrong direction, and without the requirement for at-location security personnel, the airport has significantly improved security and efficiency while reducing ongoing cost, delivering a return on investment resulting in payback within months.

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