GE Security Watches over Frederick Public Schools

GE Security announced that Frederick County Public Schools in Frederick, Md., used GE Nav DVR management software as the backbone of a new, integrated video surveillance system to help provide added safety in all 63 schools in the district.

Frederick County Public Schools chose GE Nav because of the software's capability to integrate legacy infrastructure and provide centralized security for the more than 40,000 students and 5,000 staff members the system serves each day. Frederick County has a total land area of 667 square miles stretching from Pennsylvania to West Virginia. To date, 51 buildings can be viewed from the central security office and by local law enforcement.

"We have schools spread over a wide geography, but we can monitor all of them from the central office," said Cliff Cornwell, Safety Coordinator, Frederick County Public Schools. "Due to the ability of GE Nav to quickly access video obtained from any camera throughout the system, we have increased our ability to respond quickly to actual security events while reducing false alarms to law enforcement by 50 percent. Simultaneously, we have been able to enhance our access control capabilities by recording every visitor who enters one of our buildings.'

With GE Nav controlling more than 600 GE fixed and dome cameras and 60 GE DVRs, security officials can monitor students' movements between portable classrooms and the main school building, in addition to providing improved security at night. A motion-activated camera is located above the front door of each school to record every person coming into the building. These cameras are also used by school officials to make important weather-related decisions, using GE Nav to view conditions at schools all across Frederick County. The school system has also saved money on renovations by using existing exterior cameras to monitor new facilities, reducing equipment costs without sacrificing security.

With an easy-to-use graphic interface, GE Nav provides for a more accurate and timely response to security incidents that may occur. As an ongoing project, it is the school system's goal to have cameras in each building.

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