A&S Italy Delivers Industry News with Local Perspective

A&S Italy is a magazine dedicated to the Italian professional security market. The monthly publication's first issue will be out February 2010.

The Italian security market is the fifth largest in Europe, estimated to be worth US$600 million and $800 million. Local manufacturers excel in video and intrusion detection solutions.

The magazine thinks global while keeping its local identity for coverage of major security topics. It provides market knowledge, enhances communication and reaches key decision makers. The latest in surveillance, access control and alarm solutions offers current sourcing information for security professionals.

A&S Italy came to fruition from a team of Italian managers who have covered security for more than 20 years. The authority of A&S magazines merge with A&S Italy's passion, expertise and experience. A strong local team is ready to hit the ground running in the Italian market.

A&S Italy will be distributed to a representative mix of players in Italian security. It delves into major Italian vertical segments with related global case studies. The hottest global security trends will be interpreted for the local market, delivering relevant stories to busy readers.

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