Pixim and Kiwi Partner to Develop IC Solutions for Security Applications

Pixim and Kiwi Partner to Develop IC Solutions for Security Applications

Kiwi Semiconductor, a developer of companion analog chip solutions, and Pixim, a provider of imaging technology for enterprise security cameras, announced a partnership to develop IC solutions for digital imaging systems aimed at security camera applications.

Pioneering the concept of companion IC development, Kiwi Semiconductor integrates the analog functionality of an embedded system into a single chip, while working in close collaboration with its partners' system engineers to ensure the best in functionality, performance and cost.

"Our focus on developing companion chips is highlighted by our effort with Pixim to offer higher performance, a smaller footprint and a cost advantage to our customers" said Luc Lussier, CEO of Kiwi Semiconductor. "By working in lock-step with Pixim's engineering team, we are able to integrate the analog functionality into a single chip, to help ensure customers bring more competitive solutions to market."

"We are excited to work with Kiwi as we continually look for ways we can help our customers improve the ease of integration, performance and return on investment of using our solutions," said John Monti, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Pixim, "With this type of companion chip effort, our customers will enjoy more flexibility integrating our solutions into their camera products."

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