Alarm Monitoring Remains Fragmented after Tyco Acquisition, Says IMS Research

Following the recent announcement by Tyco  that it intends to acquire Broadview Security, there has been considerable discussion on what this means for the industry and whether other mergers and acquisitions will follow.

One topic of particular interest has been the share of the alarm monitoring market that Tyco International, and its security business ADT, will have following this acquisition. In response, IMS Research  stated that ADT and Broadview will have a combined share of around 50 percent of the residential alarm monitoring market. This analysis measured revenue generated by companies owning and operating a central station and did not include revenues generated by alarm installers that use wholesale central stations to monitor their own accounts. That being said, how will this acquisition affect the customer?

From the customers' point of view, the residential alarm monitoring market will remain fairly fragmented despite this acquisition. There are thousands of independent alarm dealers in North America using third-party central stations to monitor their customers. When these independent dealers are included in the analysis, ADT and Broadview Security account for only around 30 percent of the residential alarm monitoring market. Their market share is further reduced if the commercial alarm monitoring market is also considered.

Niall Jenkins, Research Analyst at IMS Research, said, "Despite the economic situation, the US alarm monitoring market has continued to perform reasonably well with low single-digit growth in 2009. The market offers long-term growth potential and we expect more acquisitions to follow in the coming years."


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