HCL Infosystems Awarded to Provide Biometrics to Gujarat Schools

HCL Infosystems, India's provider for premier hardware, services and ICT system integration, announced the signing of a contract awarded by the Government of Gujarat. This contract of more than US$23.8 million is aimed at speeding development in the tribal districts of Gujarat. Gujarat has been consistently recording stable economic growth and this move under Gujarat Government's vision and the Chief Minister's 10-point program will only strengthen the vision of inclusive growth. HCL has been chosen to implement this project under a transparent model based on Public Private Partnership, where in the government will keep a close watch on the progress and services delivered.

HCL will supply PCs with biometric fingerprint scanners and UPS to more than 7,000 schools across the state. HCL will implement the biometric-based attendance system, offer facility management and run teacher training programs to supply and implement robust education software effectively at schools. The program underlines the need to focus on launching result-oriented initiatives, involving local people for the benefit of the tribes and forging strong convergence with various departments of the government responsible for implementation. The project will focus on Ashram Shal, Adrashnovasi Shala, Eklavaya, primary and upper primary schools.

HCL will collaborate with the Tribal and Education Department of Gujarat to facilitate registering online attendance data for both students and teachers in schools. Under the existing programs where the government has been giving grant for schools in the tribal area basis student attendance, this system will enable generation of real-time data and effective utilization of grants for a transparent education system at all levels in the state. The system will also help the government to study education patterns and dropout rates across regions.

The project plans to cover about 7,000 schools in the state. The implementation process would initially take place in two districts out of eight notified tribal districts, comprising of 150 schools for each district. Once carried out for two months, it will be extended to all remaining schools. HCL will also set up a help desk at each district and a project management unit at Gandhinagar, for effective delivery. HCL will deploy its engineers to each school, responsible for periodical visits for on ground system support.

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