Proxim Wireless Video Secures Venezuelan City

Proxim Wireless , a provider of end-to-end broadband wireless systems, announced that the state of Bolivar, Venezuela has deployed Proxim's point-to-point wireless technology as part of a large, integrated public safety network in Bolivar City. The network, which connects both state and local police, the National Guard, state transportation and public safety agencies, utilizes Proxim's Tsunami QuickBridge.11 radios to create a wireless video surveillance network.

In addition to Proxim's wireless backhaul technology, the Emergency Bolivar 1-7-1 network also incorporates surveillance, digital telephony via Voice over IP, fleet management, call management, video conferencing, emergency call management, and fire detection and access control systems. The end result is a fully-integrated public safety network that enables all connected organizations to monitor streaming video surveillance footage throughout Bolivar City, manage all incoming emergency calls, and automatically deploy emergency vehicles and services.

"When it comes to video surveillance networks, the performance demanded of the wireless network is considerably higher than in most network scenarios. In most networks, you have periods of usage where traffic demands spike — but in video surveillance networks, there is a constant demand to ensure the quality transmission of the video streams," said Christian Cooper, Project Coordinator for CorpData, the integrator that deployed the Emergency Bolivar 1-7-1 network. "We have had a great deal of experience with Proxim, and no other wireless vendor can provide the high-performance, QoS and VLAN capabilities that Proxim delivers."

Phase One of this deployment has been up and running successfully since May 2009, and is currently backhauling 18 Pelco video surveillance cameras streaming video from six different locations. The deployment is currently being expanded to cover 10 additional sites with 30 more cameras throughout the city.

"The Emergency Bolivar 1-7-1 network has been a huge success, and is a critical component in our ongoing efforts to serve and protect the people of Bolivar," said Carlos Arias Delgado, Director of Servicio Autonomo for Emergency at Estado Bolivar 1-7-1. "The scope of this security and surveillance network demands that we utilize the best technologies on the market today, and we have been very pleased with CorpData's selection of Proxim as our wireless network provider."

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