US Freight Shipper Detects Threats with Smiths Detection Scanner

Smiths Detection announced that ABLE Freight Services has selected its explosives detection scanner to screen both domestic and international shipments as a key security deadline approaches.

The advanced scanner will allow the Los Angeles-based company to meet the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) air cargo screening mandate well before the 100 percent screening deadline in August.

ABLE Freight Services specializes in shipping temperature-sensitive items such as perishable foods, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors as well as more general cargo. The company is now classified as a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) by the explosive detection scanner in its security screening processes.

The scanner features two optimized detector tubes which allow for the detection of a wider range of threats through increased sensitivity. Analysis and results are achieved in about 8 seconds.

"We selected Smiths Detection's IONSCAN 500DT because it's a proven technology that's easy to operate, accurate and will allow us to focus on our core business – shipping. It will also enable us to meet the TSA's CCSF requirements, which is critical to our future business," said Grant Urata, Compliance Manger of ABLE Freight Services.

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