Vimicro Launches Image Processing Technology for Growing Surveillance Market

Vimicro Launches Image Processing Technology for Growing Surveillance Market

Vimicro International, a multimedia semiconductor and solution provider, announced the launch of its scene-based, high-fidelity image processing technology for surveillance markets. This new technology has been adopted by the Chinese National Standard for technical specification of Surveillance Video and Audio Coding (SVAC). Vimicro's SVAC-enabled digital multimedia processor is designed with low-power, configurable multicore architecture that substantially boosts the performance of video surveillance systems and improves security.

"With rapid growth in China's video surveillance markets, there is an immediate need to meet the demands for sophisticated smart applications," said Dr. Dave Yang, CTO of Vimicro. "The high-fidelity image processing technology will help meet these emerging demands by offering higher quality video imagery for applications, including intelligent analysis and machine recognition, and providing added value to consumer electronic devices, such as camcorders, digital cameras and other devices with video display."

Vimicro's scene-based, high fidelity image and video processing technology is used during image capturing and compression. The sophisticated capture technology enables all useful details of an original scene to be preserved, including dynamic range, object details such facial recognition or LPR, and reconstructs images and videos for optimal viewing while balancing the dynamic range.

Without loss of details of the original scene, processed and/or reconstructed images and videos can be useful not just for viewing, but also useful for high accuracy video analytics which enable security cameras to identify a range of behaviors, possibly requiring further investigation by security staff. The video codec technology supports wide dynamic range video without increasing bitr ates.

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