Westminster to Provide Security Equipment for UK Prisons

Westminster Group entered a four-year contract with the UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for the supply and maintenance of various security equipment for UK Prisons.

The MoJ oversees the operation of 139 prisons in England and Wales with varying levels of security requirements. The framework contract will last four years, ending on Nov. 30, 2013.

Westminster is a global security company which is represented in more than 40 countries, holding exclusive distribution and supply agreements for key security equipment. Specifically to the UK prison service, Westminster's range of security systems can enable the efficient and effective movement of inmates in secure areas, through the control of entry and exit points.

Under the Westminster International operating subsidiary, the company offers an extensive range of security products which are designed to be effective in prisons and detention centers. Access and entry point systems control the flow of people moving into and out of secure areas, as well as within the facilities themselves.

Surveillance systems can closely monitor movements both in and around the facilities. The company's detection systems give security personnel the equipment needed to identify specific prohibited items, including narcotics. Additionally staff protection systems and personal protection equipment can be deployed to security personnel and the facility's other operations staff.

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