UK School Reduces Vandalism with IP Video Solution

Dalycom , a UK supplier of business communication and IP solutions, installed an IP video surveillance solution to protect the safety of students, staff and property at Huntcliff School in North Lincolnshire, U.K. The installation of the IP video surveillance system has eliminated vandalism following a number of instances last year which cost the school more than US$32,830 in damages and the risk of a potential increase in insurance premiums.

The key elements that prompted Huntcliff to select the Dalycom IP video surveillance solution was the high quality and reliability of the system. "In terms of price, the solution was somewhere in the middle but as part of a combined telephony, wireless and ongoing support contract, the solution was very cost-effective and the quality it could deliver was pretty much top of the line," said Ron Langdon, Facilities Manager at Huntcliff School.

The school has deployed nine network cameras covering a 360-degree zone around the main buildings, parking lot and playing field. "At night, the system is set up so that if a person-sized object moves within the field of vision, an alert and a picture is sent to our on-call dog patrol that can check if it's a false alarm or respond as needed," Langdon said.

Paul Henson, Business Development Manager for Dalycom highlighted the design of Mobotix IP video surveillance system as an advantage in reducing cost. The system coexists on the school's current voice and data network. "Because the system does not transmit data back to the storage pool when there is no activity, the load on the network isn't heavy even with nine cameras image recording," Henson explained. 'In an analog system, you would need more network infrastructure, powerful servers and extensive storage capacity to deliver similar results, but this project managed to avoid all those expenses and additional complexity for the IT department at Huntcliff."

"With the surveillance system, we don't have to employ a full-time security guard, which is significant reducing cost – overall it has been a really worthwhile investment," explained Langdon.

Langdon is confident the IP video surveillance system will help to avoid hefty insurance increases which were expected after last year's incidents. "Potentially, our premium rises could have been the same the salary for a full-time teacher and we would rather spend our money on helping our pupils then insuring our building," he said.

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