Gemalto ID Cards Streamline Australian Police Service

Gemalto, a provider for digital security, announced it was selected to provide new electronic ID cards to Australia's Queensland Police Service. The deployment benefits from the use of Gemalto's Protiva family of solutions to provide a complete end-to-end digital security solution. This marks a development in the digital security space in Australia, as the Queensland Police Service will be the first police force to adopt a solution that strengthens access security and enhances operation management.

Currently, officers carry separate photo identification cards and building access cards, and use pass codes to gain entry onto network systems. These will be replaced by a new police ID solution featuring dual interface microprocessor cards, PC Twin smart card readers and the Classic Client software. Gemalto is providing elements of the solution through a system integrator to raise the level of protection against possible external threats.

Tan Teck Lee, President, Gemalto Asia said, "Queensland police is at the forefront of law enforcement to protect life and property, and it is pertinent that their internal systems are also highly safeguarded from threats that could compromise their duty to the public. Gemalto is proud to be working with the Queensland Police Service to provide the agency with our digital security solution, which will not only heighten security but also optimize identity management processes within the service."

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