Hungarian Professional Drivers Benefit from LaserCard Biometrics

LaserCard , a provider of secure ID solutions, announced it was awarded a contract to supply highly secure international certification cards for professional drivers by Hungary's Public Transportation Authority.

The Hungarian government will issue special five-year certification cards to professionals, such as bus drivers, truck drivers, ship captains and airline pilots, who drive or pilot Hungarian registered commercial vehicles internationally. The cards feature LaserCard's tamperproof and highly counterfeit-resistant optical security media, which is intended to store the holder's facial image, biometrics and demographics.

"The Hungarian government decided that the fundamental importance of security at the nation's borders, whether air or land, required the most secure credentialing technology available," said Bob DeVincenzi, President and CEO of LaserCard. "The key advantages of LaserCard's optical security media — its tamperproof visual security, its outstanding durability and the fact that its digital security has never been compromised — fit the Hungarian government's requirements precisely."

It is anticipated that the Hungarian government will purchase certification cards valued at about US$4 million over the next six years. LaserCard has received the contract from its local partners and initial deliveries have begun. The card design complies with international standards for driver licenses and optical media credentials to ensure appropriate levels of international interoperability.

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