Cross Match and Smartmatic Biometrics Aid Mexican ID Card Registration

Cross Match Technologies, a provider of biometric identity solutions, along with technology partner Smartmatic, was selected by the Mexican Secretary of Government (SEGOB) to help register citizens and capture biometric identity verification data.

In 2009, SEGOB announced its plans to update Mexico's National Population Registry and create a new national identification card, which will include fingerprint data, iris capture scans and facial images. The goal of this massive project is to provide citizens with a reliable means by which to verify their identities.

SEGOB recently acquired 2,000 PARkits, designed by Cross Match and Smartmatic, which it will use during the first phase of its national registry project. "Smartmatic is pleased to have been selected and we look forward to working with Cross Match to ensure the success of this important program," stated Robert Cook, an Executive Officer at Smartmatic.

Smartmatic is architecting the solution, which includes laptops, peripherals and core software, in addition to providing system integration, training and first-level support to end users. Cross Match is supplying fingerprint image capture and iris capture capability. The L SCAN Guardian 10-print capture systems that RENAPO selected are the same family of devices currently in use in the United States as part of the US VISIT program.

"Guardian systems are deployed in U.S. airports nationwide as part of the largest commercial deployment of biometric capture and enrollment stations in the country," said Bill Dumont, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing at Cross Match. A SCAN 2 dual iris capture scanner systems complete the PARkits offering.

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