Israeli Airports Deploy OTI Biometric ID System

On Track Innovations (OTI), a provider of contactless microprocessor-based smart card solutions for homeland security and e-ID systems, announced that it received follow-on orders to support the new UniPass program initiated by Israel Airports Authority (IAA). The UniPass program is intended to expedite the security checks process at Ben-Gurion Airport as a voluntary program for frequent flyers.

The UniPass solution is based in part on OTI's SmartID technology and products, which passed rigorous testing by the Israeli IAA for product performance including security, durability, communications, personalization and more. OTI provides its secured contactless smart cards and readers. OTI's SmartID products enable multiple biometric engines and fast transfer of data – all with a view to assure secure and fast transaction.

With the new system, those wishing to expedite their screening process at the Ben-Gurion airport in Israel will be required to obtain a contactless smart card that will enable the storage of finger and facial biometrics. The card will include recent photos and personal information. Once enrolled to the system, a passenger will be required to present the card in front of a reader and answer a series of security questions. Once the identity has been confirmed, the passenger will be able to continue with the check-in process. According to the IAA, at the first stage of the program, El Al Matmid Frequent Flyer club members are able to join the program, before being gradually expanded to include all departing passengers who voluntarily register.

According to the IAA, the new UniPass program is intended to minimize the friction and delays the passenger undergoes during a security check, shorten the lines for security checks and creating a continuous link between the different check points the passenger goes through from the minute arriving to the airport and until takeoff.

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