CNL and Pelco Enter Technology Partnership

CNL , a provider of physical security information management (PSIM) software, announced it has formed a technology partnership with Pelco, by Schneider Electric, a supplier in the design and development of next-generation video and security systems, as CNL joins the Pelco Partner First Program.

CNL recently integrated several key Pelco video products into its PSIM platform, IPSecurityCenter. This strategic partnership will see CNL integrating with other products from Pelco. It will allow further sharing of SDKs, DDKs and APIs, creating greater integration possibilities between them.

The two companies have a shared view of distributed intelligence for physical security, a move away from proprietary technology, which has long been a limiting factor in truly collaborative physical security operations. As part of its Open Systems Provider vision, Pelco launched the Partner First Program, to build technology relationships with key security vendors, opening up its eco system and allowing its users to build integrated security solutions.

The IPSecurityCenter platform is aimed at bridging the narrowing gap between physical security and IT. It creates network-centric, completely connected solutions that allow distributed intelligence – whether video, audio or data, with no proprietary restrictions. Answering the need to modernize aging physical security processes to meet new demands, it is being embraced by some of the leading organizations in the world.

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