TimeSight Systems Protects Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

TimeSight Systems, a vendor of practice of video lifecycle management (VLM) for video surveillance, announced the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium has implemented the company's intelligent NVR platform to help protect the visitors, employees, animals and exhibits and to provide long-term audit ability and accountability. A 77-acre naturalistic habitat zoo that is home to thousands of animals, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium exhibits 10 threatened and 62 endangered species, and is one of only six major zoo and aquarium combinations in the country.

"As one of the top 10 zoos in the nation, we serve over a million visitors a year," said Connie George, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. "TimeSight's ability to help us maximize the quality of video from our cameras and to provide us with months, instead of days, of storage allows us to protect our guests, employees and animals. It is important for us to have solid, auditable video data history for months to come, and we have used this feature many times to observe visitor trends, as well as behavioral developments and births of animals such as painted dogs, tigers and polar bears. With TimeSight, we can also meet requirements from the payment card industry associations over longer periods of time."

"Our VLM solutions are stellar for public spaces and tourist attractions that need to capture higher resolution video and retain it longer while using a smaller storage footprint," said Charles Foley, Chairman and CEO, TimeSight Systems. "We help these markets meet the demands of both increasing regulations and emerging best practices to protect their assets while also providing the most cost-effective solution in these economic times."

TimeSight Systems offers the only intelligent NVR to provide automated VLM capability. VLM is the practice of reducing the size of stored video over time, according to business rules, as the video ages and becomes less relevant. The result is massive storage savings. TimeSight's use of VLM through dynamic H.264 compression, along with its exclusive Motion Optimized Recording, makes higher resolution analog and IP solutions even more effective and affordable. In addition, TimeSight's analog camera environment brings plug-and-play capability for existing analog cameras into an NVR, with better image quality and longer retention than currently possible on most DVRs, in a small, economical footprint.

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