LPR Provider Elsag Partners with Indian Distributor

Elsag North America, a provider of ALPR technology, announced its partnership with Jubilant Enpro in India. With the cooperation, Elsag intended to have further development in the Indian market for their law enforcement technology.

With an in-depth knowledge and many years of experience helping foreign leaders enter and meet great success in the Indian marketplace, Jubilant Enpro is a perfect match for Elsag North America.

"We've concentrated a lot of efforts recently on expanding our presence in India and we recognize a great need for the ALPR there," said Mark Windover, President and CEO of Elsag North America. "Looking at what Jubilant Enpro has accomplished for other foreign companies and the way that they approach business, we are thrilled to partner with them and we are confident that it will be a mutually successful partnership."

"The ANPR system with real-time detection and control capabilities and has been successfully deployed by law enforcement agencies in USA and Europe," said Sanjay Malhotra, President, Jubilant Enpro. "We are happy to bring this technology to India as we see our law enforcement agencies benefitting immensely from the use of this technology which will enable effective and intelligent policing in the country leading to better traffic and crime management."

"With the increasing vehicle population, law enforcement, traffic regularization and congestion reduction; prevention of traffic violation and criminal activities are becoming challenging and critical," Malhotra said. "This issue is more dominant in India. We see a great value in introducing this technology in India as it will enable police departments to tackle these challenges efficiently."

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