Memoori Releases 2009 Security Business Survey

This survey from Memoori is about the state of the physical security industry and its most important challenge today: consolidation.

This affordable market research study, with 60 pages and 16 charts and tables, provide a new insight. It looks into the facts that influence the future of security, including size, structure, shape and growth of the market before assessing the case for consolidation through merger acquisition and alliance.

The survey structures the business into four major groups by size. It analyzes the average revenue per group and average market share to illustrate how fragmented the industry is and why focus and specialization is particularly important at this time. It then goes on to analyze M&A drivers and strategy through the part played by strategic acquisitions. The report reviews how market fundamentals and technology drive acquisitions and why IT and defense companies will influence the consolidation process in the future.

It details the performance of mergers and acquisitions from 2000 to 2009, separating cash deals from stock for stock deals and then forecasts transactions to 2015, then reviewing valuation performance through various exit multiples from 2005 through to 2009 and finally reviews technology and its impact on valuation.

Memoori looks at the state of the investment business and its exposure to the security industry before listing some 81 venture capital companies, showing where 66 of these have invested in the security industry.

Finally Memoori reviews new start-ups and entrepreneurship in the IP video sector and concludes that few are ready for an IPO and why a significant proportion will be acquired through strategic buys.

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