Cognitec Facial Recognition Helps AmberVision Identify Missing Children

Cognitec Systems, a provider of face recognition technology and systems, announced its selection by SecurLinx as the face recognition provider for AmberVision, a new service that augments existing AMBER Alert systems across the U.S.. Cognitec's software is being deployed within AmberVision. The service enables law enforcement to identify missing children by electronically distributing photographs, developing 2-D and 3-D images of victims, and verifying the identities of missing children using face recognition software.

Specifically, Cognitec's software is used to assist law enforcement in the identification of a child suspected to be the subject of a missing person's alert. From a photograph taken in the field, Cognitec's face recognition software is used to generate a real-time alert delivered to police on their handheld devices. This alert provides a biometric comparison of the field image with a photograph of the missing child. The system works in a matter of moments and in situations where time is a valuable commodity. More than 800,000 children are reported missing every year in America. That is a missing child every 40 seconds.

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