Grand Canyon West Resort Cuts Crime with IndigoVision Surveillance Solutions

A wireless surveillance system is helping to cut crime and provide a safe and secure environment for visitors to the Grand Canyon West Resort, Arizona. IndigoVision's end-to-end IP video system has been deployed at multiple sites, providing an integrated surveillance solution across a wide area. Grand Canyon West is a popular tourist destination on the west side of the Canyon owned and operated by the Hualapai tribe. The resort includes Skywalk, which allows visitors to "walk the sky" on a horseshoe shaped glass bridge that overhangs the Grand Canyon.

Several sites, including Eagle Point (home of the Skywalk), Guano Point, a hotel, fuel depot and airport, are all centrally monitored from the airport terminal building. The facilities are located several miles apart and are standalone with no cabling or infrastructure between them. All the sites are powered by their own generators. Each local IP network is interconnected using the HughesNet satellite broadband network. There is also a secondary link to Peach Springs, the Hualapai Nation's capital, which is more than 60 miles away from the resort. Each of the remote locations can also be monitored from Peach Springs.

A mixture of 57 IndigoVision fixed and PTZ network cameras are installed across the resort and airport. The series uses H.264 compression to dual stream video across the network. Each camera outputs two streams, one with a lower bit rate for transmission over the satellite network, and one with higher resolution for recording on IndigoVision stand-alone NVRs, located locally at each site.

Bandwidth and storage requirements are further reduced by the use of an feature called activity controlled frame rate (ACF). ACF is built into IndigoVision's network camera and makes the camera act like an alarm motion detector. When no motion is detected in the scene the video is transmitted at a very low frame rate. When motion is detected, the video is automatically transmitted at the maximum frame rate configured. The resort uses this feature extensively when the facilities are nonoperational. The ACF feature is automatically switched on when the resort operation is closed. This is achieved through a schedule configured in Control Center.

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