SAIC Acquires Spectrum CarScan Product Line

Science Applications announced it completed the acquisition of Spectrum San Diego, a high-technology security firm specializing in ultra-low-dose X-ray scanning systems.

Under the agreement, SAIC acquired Spectrum's CarScan product line, which scans cars and vans in the normal flow of traffic at vehicle checkpoints such as borders and high security government facilities. CarScan's X-ray images enable security personnel to look for weapons, drugs, currency, stowaways, and other hidden contraband. Spectrum's customers include U.S. government, law enforcement and military organizations.

CarScan is designed for high throughput and operational flexibility, minimizing its impact on traffic. In typical operations, the driver and passengers remain inside the vehicle as they drive through the system at a vehicle checkpoint.

Spectrum's CarScan product will be integrated into SAIC's Security and Transportation Technology Business Unit led by Alex Preston. The business unit develops VACIS X-ray and gamma-ray inspection systems, Exploranium radiation-detection systems, and other products for scanning vehicles and cargo containers. CarScan expands SAIC's capabilities for scanning light vehicles.

"We're very pleased to add CarScan to our product portfolio," said Preston, SAIC Senior VP and Business Unit GM. "It fits our philosophy of security in the flow of commerce." As we're seeing on our southern border, weapons, drugs, cash and stowaways in light vehicles are a growing challenge. CarScan is a cost-effective way to help stem the tide without slowing traffic."

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