AVerMedia Secures Keelung Bus Company

Keelung Bus Company, established in 1952, is one of the main transportation companies in Taiwan. To ensure the safety of its passengers and drivers, Keelung Bus Company adopted the AVerDiGi EB1304 MOB as a monitoring device to secure company's buses when in operation.

In this bus surveillance project, each four-channel mobile DVR, was connected to four fixed IR cameras, running 24 hours a day, seven days a week as security surveillance. "With the smart design of removable HDD drawer, HDD backup can be quickly utilized by bus drivers for data management," said the bus company owner.

The AVerDiGi EB1304 MOB provides video quality and double hardware. It features an antivibration protection design with a rubber vibration insulator, which comes with iStable software to fix shaking and jolting for optimized digital video quality for mobile surveillance needs.

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