Intellicheck Mobilisa Discusses Watch List Management

Intellicheck Mobilisa's CEO Nelson Ludlow was featured on in an interview with Debra Borchardt, "Airlines Checking Out Intellicheck."

During the interview, Ludlow explained that the Defense ID device looks just like a bar code scanner. "We have modified it to be able to read drivers' licenses, passports and military IDs and to check if you're on a 'bad guy' list and to do it very quickly," he said.

He said the military already uses it to protect Andrews Air Force Base, home of Air Force One, and West Point. In fact, some 80 federal locations utilize the scanner as part of their security measures. He mentioned it is used at "Quantico, where the FBI Training Center is, and they just caught some bad guys using this system."

With regard to airports, Ludlow said people already have to present an ID along with their boarding passes to embark. "Do something useful, actually scan the ID and check if you're on a bad guy list, and we can do a much better job," he said.

Rather than checking against a single list, Intellicheck Mobilisa's scanner currently uses 140 different lists, and can handle up to 1,000 lists. The Dec. 25, 2009 bomber was on a couple of lists but not on the "right" one. By matching against 140 lists, security actions become much more effective.

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